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    Bengal Quiz: What generation are you at heart? (ANSWERS)

    Mostly As: You’re Gen Alpha at heart (born after the late 2000s)
    You’re addicted to your iPad, but you don’t care. You lack some grammatical and social skills, but who needs those anyways? You’re not doomed; you’re just different. But don’t try to be too different, or you’ll be a pick-me (which is old-people speak for annoying). take one thing away from this, please, PLEASE leave Sephora alone.

    Mostly Bs: You’re Gen Z at heart (born in the late 1990s and early 2000s)
    Congrats! You’re cool! In five years, you will be the social equivalent of a Boomer, but if you accept that, at least you won’t be the social equivalent of a Millennial (yuck). Your attention span is terrible, but just blame that on Tiktok and then continue to use it as a coping mechanism. Good luck on realizing you’ll live past 20, and hopefully you’ll learn to accept the flaws of every other generation because you are currently the best one.

    Mostly Cs: You’re a Millennial at heart (born between early 1980s and late 1990s)
    No, you’re not “basically Gen Z,” but that’s all right. You aren’t cool; accept it. The golden days are over, but you will always have slightly traumatic childhood memories and a Disney addiction. If you’re depressed, that just means you need an iced coffee (even if it gives you anxiety). Maybe someday you’ll learn to answer the phone or set boundaries without spiraling.

    Mostly Ds: You’re a Boomer at heart (born between between late 1940s and late 1960s)
    I’m so proud of you for surviving in this world for so long! You might be a little technologically clueless, but what are grandkids for if not to switch the TV from HDMI to Roku? And in return, you can roll your eyes at them for not being able to afford a $1 million shed, since you bought your mansion for three raisins and a shovel. As much as you hate the younger generations, just know that the next one will be worse.

    None of them: You’re Gen X (born between late 1960s and late 1980s)
    You’re the middle child of the generations! Always forgotten! This doesn’t mean that you’re any less important than the other generations or that you will accomplish any less! It just means no one cares, and I mean that in the most loving way (because no one else loves you).

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