Pulled pork “zandwich” has pallet-pleasing flavors

Carl Snyder, Entertainment Assisstant

Among its various menu items, Zany Graze in Lewiston offers a pulled pork sandwich. It is a pretty simple, yet unique dining experience. The sandwich is a basic pulled pork sandwich, but it is topped with coleslaw. This so-called “zandwich” is full of flavor, but it is not perfect. It is a busy sandwich, as it has a lot going on. The contents and variables of this sandwich will be elaborated upon here.
  For starters, the bread for this sandwich is a potato bread bun. The bun is not toasted, buttered, or anything like that. It is a plain bun with an undetectable flavor. However, it provides a nice texture to the sandwich — a hearty texture, which normally does not occur in bread.
   The coleslaw and the pulled pork go hand-in-hand in this sandwich. Both elements are packed with flavor. When they are consumed together, the flavors create a food nirvana. The smokey flavor of the pork contrasts with the sweet and tangy coleslaw harmonically. However, when they are separate from each other, their flavors are overpowering. The pork’s smokiness becomes near inedible. The coleslaw is simply too sweet by itself — it’s like eating candy. The pork and the coleslaw need each other to be successful. But on its own the pork on this sandwich is succulent to the point where it melts in one’s mouth, which is always a good quality for food to have.
   The main problem with this sandwich is that it falls apart when it is picked up. Since it cannot be picked up, it needs to be eaten with a fork and knife. This makes for a messy experience. The fork and knife provide more work than expected, which can be frustrating for a person who simply wants to pick up a sandwich and eat it. This problem is minimal, though, as the flavors of this sandwich are simply amazing.
   This pulled pork masterpiece is well worth the money spent for it, at $9.95. Its flavors are fantastic. For the flavors and the flavors alone, this sandwich receives a nine out of 10.