Aggression, made in China?

Jon Wilcoxson, Reporter

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Should the international community continue to conduct exchanges with China when it actively disregards international law? The answer is a flat no.

China, the peace-loving nation, right? Dead. Wrong. The makings of an end-of-days showdown are in the works; thanks in large part to China and it’s imperialistic aggression in the South China Sea.

China is actively attacking a mall, defenseless shippers, and attacking military aircraft among other crimes, as reported by China Uncensored, in a complete and blatant disregard for international rule-of-law, in order to take coerce and take control of vital shipping lanes. In 2001, 2014, and 2016 China has intercepted US aircraft in an unsafe manner, putting the lives of both crews in unnecessary danger. Additionally, Chinese Coast Guard have repeatedly attacked vessels, both military and civilian, attempting to cross through shoals off the Philippines. On May 18, 2016, Chinese military aircraft intercepted a US P-8 Navy spy plane, coming within 50ft of the aircraft, operating over international waters, according to CNN. This is a direct and undeniable representation of how defensive China is acting in the South China Sea, according to reports from Navy Times.

China is strictly in competition for economic means. More than $5 Trillion of shipping goes through the South China Sea annually. The South China Sea is also home to massive oil and natural gas reserves. It has been universally recognized that China is on desperate need of oil in order to fuel their burgeoning economy, and is the driving force behind its aggression.

Some would argue that China has historical claim to the region, however, United Nations law on the seas (UNCLS) has stated that China holds little to no territory, beyond its UNCLS mandated area, in the South China Sea The 1982 UNCLS states that nations are only permitted to 2000 nautical miles from its Coast. For example, if China’s 9-dash line is applied, it would break the Philippines’ territorial waters. This means that the Philippines would be denied access to vast amounts of valuable resources and shipping lanes.

A solution to this problem is a systematic blockade or embargo of China, to put direct economic pressure on them, as well as restricting all actors to the countries’ UNCLS waters.

Despite the illusion of ‘peace’ between China and the international community, a war is on its way. The American people must wake themselves up and face the true cause of danger, China, and strive to stand against them.

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Aggression, made in China?