Red Bento provides powerful palate-exploding flavors


Carl Snyder

The delicious bento box meal, prepared by the talented chefs at Red Bento, looks beautiful on the plate.

Carl Snyder, Entertainment Editor

New to Lewiston at 810 Stewart Ave. is Red Bento, an Asian fusion restaurant. Already available in  the Moscow-Pullman area, Red Bento opened here in January.  
  True to its name, Red Bento offers a bento plate, a meal with several entree options to choose from. Two entrees may be picked per plate. The bento plate also comes with two gyoza, edamame and white rice. The two chosen for this review are the chicken teriyaki and the beef bulgogi. Also, there is the option to substitute fried rice instead of the white rice, so that substitution was made for this review. The contents that will be adjudicated in this review are the fried rice, the chicken teriyaki, and the beef bulgogi. Each item will be scored individually, and at the end the average score will be found to make the grand total score of this review.
  The fried rice offered here is simple with nothing special going on, just the normal combination of peas, carrots and egg within the rice. But this classic combination does not fail here. The flavors come together nicely. The rice is nice and tender, and also sticky. The adhesive factor is what makes it better than average. It makes for pleasurable texture, a pleasant mouth-feel experience. The classic combo of ingredients mixed with the sticky factor creates a nice one-two punch. For this reason, the rice receives an 8/10.
  Next on deck is the beef bulgogi, native to the Koreas. Going into this dish, there was a bit of skepticism. This entree being the most outlandish part of the meal, it was a risk. This dish is marinated beef that is sauteed with scallions and onions. The first bite of this Korean masterpiece tells the whole story. It entrances the tastebuds, filling them with every flavor imaginable, except for spice. The scallions provide a bite to the dish, while the onions provide a semi-sweetness that counteracts the bite of the scallions. The true hero here is the marinade. It is sweet in the most delectable way. This sweetness contradicts with the natural saltiness and heartiness of the beef, creating a whirlpool of flavor. These elements all combined together give this unexpected Korean dish a 9.5/10.
  The chicken teriyaki is the final dish. It is exactly what it sounds like — sliced chicken in a teriyaki sauce. But don’t let its simplicity be fooling; this combination is utterly delicious. It is savory, with a hint of sweetness that makes it difficult to stop eating. The chicken is melt-in-your-mouth tender. This dish has few components, but that does not stop it from being a culinary hero. Chicken and teriyaki sauce are like bread and butter, and the chefs at Red Bento prove this point. Those two ingredients are meant to be together, and Red Bento pulls it off perfectly. For this reason, this dish gets a perfect 10/10.
  As seen in this review, Red Bento hits it out of the park with all of these dishes. They are all enjoyable in their own way, and are immensely successful in being successful. The average score is a commendable 9.2/10.