Ringling Rings In: Judge yourself before others

Jonika Ringling, Editor-in-chief

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As we leave behind this chapter in our lives, we must remember and embrace the fact that all individuals are different and it’s not a bad thing. Individuality should be regarded as the most beautiful human quality. If it were, many more people would be a lot more comfortable in their own skin.
  Over 8 billion people inhabit Earth and every single person experiences the day differently than everyone else. No one handles situations the same way. No one feels emotions the same way.
  Still, “You could have it a lot worse,” is a statement high schoolers hear a lot.
  It’s hard to express one’s feelings when the response, while trying to be positive, is generalizing and not respectful of the pain one may be in. If someone is choosing to share  you their problems with you, LISTEN. According to bullyingstatistics.org, “Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, resulting in about 4,400 deaths per year.” Sometimes the difference between someone making it through the day can depend on how people treat them. There is nothing more disrespectful than not being there for others especially when one claims to be a “friend.”
  Now the statement, “I could have it a lot better,” is equally as wrong. It is important to recognize that the situation one is in shapes who each person is as an individual and no one can ever take that away.
  Since everyone is different, it’s absolutely unwarranted to judge others based on what you would have personally done in the situation. It’s actually pretty groundless to judge others at all. To judge is to believe one is better than another person. Self-identity is formed at a young age and is the basis of personality. Many people are the way they are for a multitude of reasons and sometimes in ways they aren’t even able to understand.
  People (having no right being in the business of others, interfering with unwanted commentary and belittling decision-making abilities) need to understand that harsh judgement in times of distress only deepens human struggle.
  Before judging another, recognize that you have no idea what has happened in a person’s past, mind and home life. Don’t do it.

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Ringling Rings In: Judge yourself before others