New app aides social destruction

Amanda Egland, Co Editor in Chief

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I refuse to slide up, or post a comment. I refuse to take part in an online world that is so far from reality it is sickening. Taking away all consequences for social interactions, is setting the stage for cyber-bullying and hate in a society that is already so rough around the edges.

For those who are not aware, Sarahah, is an app where users make a profile and other users comment on it anonymously. For the most part users ask others to post opinions on their own profiles. Students’ Snapchats are now full of “Swipe up and tell me how you feel” or “Post what you think of me, positive or negative.”

But why? Why does one care about the opinion of an individual who doesn’t even have the courage to identify himself? What’s the point in being torn down by peers, having to wonder what caused these people to feel that way about you, and never truly find out? If people truly had such strong feelings about someone that they couldn’t go without saying them, then they would. They would tell you, and they would back that with their identity and their integrity, not a hollow claim that one cannot possibly hold them to.

Fox News highlights a recent review from a parent about the app: “You’re asking people to anonymously say things about you, which makes saying hurtful things easier for the person on the other end.”

Growing adolescents can have such a difficult time growing up as it is, so why make it more complex? Face-to-face interaction is already a distant concept to many of us– let’s not enable people to stray from having to interact even within their own identities.

Similar apps such as and After School have become a thing of the past, and for good reason, because one negative comment can outweigh 10 positive ones. There are no positives to said apps, and damaged self esteem and confidence are very likely outcomes.

So don’t waste time asking people online how they feel about you. Get out, form real relationships with all sorts people and gain confidence in yourself. Your self-worth shouldn’t be about others’ opinions.

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New app aides social destruction