Crazy Good makes crazy good food

Carl Snyder, Entertainment Editor

Crazy Good is a restaurant located on 514 Main Street in Lewiston, Idaho. They recently opened the week of Sept. 5. Crazy good’s main cuisine is Asian fusion, including bubble tea, making this place one of few that serve bubble tea in the valley. They also serve a few American food items. The food items being discussed in this review are the mango bubble tea, the double bacon cheeseburger, and lumpia, a type of spring roll.
Bubble tea is a Taiwanese based drink that includes milk tea and flavoring. Other ingredients that are used are, more traditionally, chewy tapioca balls or, less traditionally, jelly balls. The exact drink that will be reviewed is mango bubble tea with tapioca. The flavoring of this drink is nice, as it doesn’t have too much sweetness. The mango flavoring is soothing and refreshing on a dry throat. The main negative with this drink is the tapioca. The consistency of the tapioca is nice, but there is too much of it. Not a single sip is sipped without a mouthful of it in the mouth of the drinker. That being said, the pleasant flavor of the mango milk tea makes the tapioca-full mouth worth it. The overall rating for the mango bubble tea is a 7/10.
The double bacon cheeseburger is surprisingly good for an Asian food restaurant. The hamburger meat is juicy and flavorful, the cheese is melted and the bacon provides a flavor profile that rounds out the experience. The onion on top adds a nice bite to the sandwich, while adding a crunchy texture. The lettuce also adds to the texture. The burger is also massive. The consumer gets their money’s worth with this gargantuan cheeseburger. The downside to this burger is the grease. This grease makes the burger a gut bomb. There is so much grease that the bottom bun of the cheeseburger is grease. Not only does a soggy bun hurt the texture of the cheeseburger, but it coats the eaters’ hands in grease. All being considered, the double bacon cheeseburger has an excellent flavor profile, and because of this it receives an 8/10.
The final item being reviewed is the lumpia. Lumpia is a spring roll that is stuffed with savory fillings, such as chopped vegetables and minced meat. The exact ingredients of the lumpia at Crazy Good is unknown, but the flavor is well-established. The savory roll comes with a sweet chili sauce, and when the lumpia is dipped in the sauce it creates a flavor bomb. The filling of the lumpia is savory and melt-in-your-mouth, while the outside is nice and crispy. The sauce is sweet with a hint of spicy. These flavors combined together are brilliant. There is no negative about this dish, and because of this, it receives a perfect 10/10.
Overall, Crazy Good was a “Crazy Good” dining experience. The cumulative score from all the items averages out to be an 8.4/10.