Fifth Harmony Flops

Carl Snyder and Entertainment Editor

Fifth Harmony released its new self-titled album on Aug. 25. This all-girl pop group has found large commercial success within the last couple of years with singles such as “Worth it” and “Work From Home”. So, the question begs to be asked, does this album produce quality music, or not?
This album follows the usual modern-day pop song formula. That formula entails minimalistic lyrics, generic trap-style beats, and a chorus that one could memorize after one listen. This formula makes for boring music. This album is boring, and a boring album is the worst thing to listen to.
The vocals on this album are average. These ladies can sing proficiently, but they aren’t amazing. If their voices were amazing, it might make up for the basic, boring pop formula that they follow. Unfortunately, this is not the case.
Overall, this album is mediocre. The album lacks anything spectacular, it is excruciatingly generic. A boring album is a bad album. Fifth Harmony’s average performance earns a 4/10.