Memories from a yearlong trip that will last a lifetime

Sandra Kinney, Co Editor in Chief

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Six new foreign exchange students from different walks of life have joined the Lewiston High School family this year. These students are Jonas Brochhausen, Aukrarachai Chatchaidet, Virginia Fantaccini, Aurelie Jacqmin, Pitchayapa Rueangritwattana, and Milan Wentz.

Jonas Brochhausen, or Johnny, as most students know him, is a junior this year. He has come to us from Germany, and says that there are many differences between German and American schools. “Here is more fun, there are organized sports, and people come together more often” he said.

Johnny is also a member of an Alternative Rock band, and even went on to say, “I’m always down to jam!” His band is the thing that he misses the most about being away from Germany.

Aukrarachai Chatchaidet, otherwise known as Kanoon, is from Thailand, and is a sophomore this year. His favorite part of Lewiston High School is basketball class. Kanoon loves being active and being involved in sports.

Virginia Fantaccini is from Italy. As a junior this year, Fantaccini misses her friends and family in Italy, as well as the country. “I’m beginning to realize that Italy truly is the most beautiful country in the world.”

Fantaccini enjoys horseback riding in her free time, and her host mother owns horses that she hopes to get the chance to ride.

Aurelie Jacqmin is from France, and is also a junior this year. She, along with Fantaccini, enjoys horseback riding.

Jacqmin said, “School in France is very different. Our school days are 8 hours, and instead of moving classrooms all day the teachers come to us.”

Pitchayapa Rueangritwattana, or Preme, is from Thailand, and is a junior. Her favorite thing about Lewiston High School is all the moving students do throughout the day. “I like the walk to classes, because is Thailand everything happens in the same classroom” she said.

Milan Wentz comes from Germany. He is a sophomore this year. In Germany he loved being active, and often found himself playing badminton.

Similar to France, school in Germany is quite different from America. Wentz said, “School isn’t harder in Germany, it’s just very different. Tests in Germany require more thinking of the students part, whereas in America you can study and get good grades.

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Memories from a yearlong trip that will last a lifetime