Jawbone Flats Cafe’s chicken sandwich shows potential

Carl Snyder, Entertainment Editor

  Jawbone Flats is a cafe located in Clarkston that serves a plethora of different foods, from breakfasts to dinners.
  The cafe offers breakfast foods such as pancakes, skillets, omelets, French toast, and various combination plates. It also has lunch and dinner meals such as burgers, salads, sandwiches, chicken strip and breaded fish baskets and bite-size steak. All items can be purchased at any time of day, meaning that breakfast can be for dinner and vice versa. The item analyzed in this review is the ranch chicken sandwich.
  The ranch chicken sandwich is a sandwich that has a two chicken strips, bacon, Swiss cheese, ranch dressing and lettuce on it. Sounds good, right?
  The ranch chicken sandwich has a French roll for the bread. This is an interesting choice, as French rolls are not used often in the art of sandwiching. However, it works quite well for this sandwich. The only problem was that the bread was a little bit hard, but other than that the bread worked for the sandwich in every other way.
  The chicken strips on this sandwich are another interesting choice. The obvious choice would be to use grilled or sliced chicken, but this restaurant decided to use chicken strips instead. Texturally, these chicken strips could have been a lot better. The breading was not tender, and the chicken was dry. Had these chicken strips been in a non-sandwich setting, these textural problems would be excusable. But since the chicken is in a sandwich setting, the tenders need to be tender and juicy. However, these strips of fried chicken contain incredible flavor. They are loaded with spice, and the flavor of the chicken itself was quite pleasant. With these things considered, the chicken is good, but there is room for improvements.
  The bacon and cheese on this sandwich definitely enhance the sandwich. The bacon is crispy and packed full of flavor. Nothing special is done with the bacon — it is just average bacon. That being said, bacon has incredible flavor that can improve anything it is put in. That is exactly the case for this sandwich. As for the cheese, it doesn’t add much flavor. The cheese does, however, add a nice texture to the sandwich. It is almost rubbery, but in the best way possible. These toppings improve the sandwich exponentially.
  The only condiment on this sandwich is ranch dressing. The ranch dressing is what makes this sandwich a “ranch” chicken sandwich, so the assumption to be made is that the ranch dressing is a heavy component of this sandwich. That is not the case, though. There is barely any ranch dressing on this ‘wich. However, extra ranch may be acquired. After the extra dressing is applied to the sandwich, the flavor it creates is excellent. It is creamy, and makes the chicken seem less dry. The ranch actually provides a melt-in-the-mouth type texture. The ranch works in every sense of the sandwich. That being said, the initial lack of ranch does take the sandwich down a couple notches.
  The lettuce on this sandwich does not add much. It adds no flavor, nutritional value, or joy in the sandwich. All it does is make the sandwich a bit crunchier, but the bacon made the sandwich crunchy enough. The lettuce is not needed for this sandwich — it could be missing, and nobody would care.
  All things considered, this was a good sandwich. The chicken mixed with the bacon and cheese created incredible flavor. When the ranch was added to that already excellent flavor, the sandwich really came together. The dry chicken became less noticeable and the sandwich became creamy. Overall, this sandwich receives a 7.8/10, even with the useless lettuce.