Behind the Scene at Dutch Bros. for 2 weeks

Alexx, Features Asistant

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Joe Anderson 17, from Lewiston High Senior High School, had the opportunity to work at Dutch Bros for approximately 2 weeks. Anderson was in a work program, and was out of jobs to do for a period of time. His boss asked him if there were any jobs in the community that he would like to be involved in.
“I go to Dutch Bros all the time so why not”. Anderson says. Anderson worked at Dutch Brothers for two weeks stamping punch cards and brightening people’s spirits.
“The employees and people there were very nice, helpful and generally friendly people”. He says that getting the opportunity to work there meant a lot to him, and he enjoyed it very much, it was nice to meet new people and work at a place he loves. Anderson’s overall experience at the coffee shop was a good environment, and the customers were very friendly. The hardest part about his experience at Dutch Brothers was hearing people over the loud noise of traffic and other people talking. Overall he loved the experience and getting to brighten people’s days and learn how to do that field of work.

Anderson enjoyed being around the customers there, as well as the employees, and is grateful that Dutch Brothers gave him the opportunity. Anderson says that the staff at Dutch Bros would call him Dutch Joe. “When people would come through the drive through I would introduce myself by saying Hi welcome to Dutch Bros I’m Dutch Joe”.

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Behind the Scene at Dutch Bros. for 2 weeks