Civic Theater Cold Case” Tragic Theories

Alexx Wren, Features Assistant

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Background: Five victims disappeared in the 1970s in the neighborhood of the Lewiston Civic Theatre building. Now three victims have been found and two cases still remain unsolved, according to local news reports and a new documentary.
As reported by the Lewiston Tribune and three victims’ bodies have been found: Kristin David, Brandi Miller and Kristina Nelson. Still missing are Christina White and Steven Pearsall.
Residents of the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley still discuss theories of the disappearances and where the victims’ bodies could be today. The theater building remains unoccupied right now due to structural problems, but many who live here can’t forget the tragic events that occurred at their local Civic Theater at 102 New Sixth St.
Two people who claim that they were close to the disappearances talked with The Bengal’s Purr about their memories of the events and their theories on the case.
Theory 1: There’s a theory that a few years back, Steven Pearsall’s and Christina White’s bodies, were found on a construction site. Identified by a construction worker, the bodies were described as decayed and nothing but bones, but still had clothes on them. If that is the case, Pearsall is off the list for suspects, and the infamous Phantom of the Civic Theater could still be out there.
Theory 2: Also as a theory, it has been said by several Lewiston-Clarkston Valley residents that they know who was responsible for the disappearances and murders of the three girls. However, this unnamed suspect has allegedly moved away from the valley and committed more murders in the area of the suspect’s location in the Northwest.
Theory 3, Christina White: Citizens believe the Civic Theater case is also connected to the 1979 disappearance of 12-year-old Christina White. On April 28 during the Asotin County Fair, White called her mother from a friend’s house to say she was feeling sick from the heat. Her mother was without a car and told her to put a wet towel on her neck and lie down and rest, then to come home when she felt better. Her mother did not call again and assumed she felt better and went back to the fair. According to the Lewiston Tribune, between 7 and 10 p.m., when her mother went to pick her up, she couldn’t find White.. Her friends said she had been on her way home when they saw her last. The Tribune reports that White was riding her white 10-speed bicycle at the time of her disappearance. Neither the bike, nor White, have been found since.
Authorities also believe that White’s case is associated with Steven Pearsall, Brandi Miller and Kristina Nelson. Another case is also thought to be associated, the disappearance of Kristen David, the 22-year-old woman who was riding her bike home from Moscow and disappeared.
Theory 4, Pearsall’s friend: Steven Pearsall however, appears to be a more complicated case. He disappeared the same night as Brandi Miller and Kristina Nelson, and many think Pearsall may have been responsible for it. Others, however, believe that Pearsall was murdered. His case hasn’t been spoken about as much as Miller’s and Nelson’s, but some claims have been addressed by Lewiston-Clarkston Valley residents. According to Pearsall’s friend, Pearsall worked at the Civic Theater and often practiced clarinet and washed his laundry there. One night Pearsall’s car broke down and he parked it at his friend’s house in Lewiston so they could work on it the next morning. He visited the theater that night, his friend remembers. Late that same night, Miller and Nelson walked to a store, right past the theater building, eventually ending up near or at the theater. Pearsall, Nelson and Miller all disappeared around the Civic Theater that night.
Conclusions: As for all the victims, three are proven dead, two bodies could be still out there — unlikely, but hopefully. The Lewiston Civic Theater murder mystery has been an unsolved case for nearly 35 years. Unfortunately, these theories are just theories, nothing is proven for sure regarding where Pearsall or White’s bodies remain today. They could still be alive somewhere, or buried in a place where no one has thought to look.

Reporter’s note: I wish no disrespect to the families and friends of these victims. These are just theories and therefore have little to no proof of being true. Respect goes to all the families and loved ones who have lost someone at any time. I simply wanted to address these theories so we in this community are more aware of our surroundings. I hope this opens our minds to possibilities involving the tragic disappearances of these victims.

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Civic Theater Cold Case” Tragic Theories