Veterans share appreciation, wisdom Nov. 10

Leah Schmidt, Chief Copy Editor

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Austin Salazar

 Students and staff of Lewiston High School recognized Veterans Day with their annual assembly, Nov. 10.
  The choir started off by singing the National Anthem. ASB President, Mason Bartholomei, led the assembly and introduced all of the speakers. Three veterans spoke to explain why Veterans Day is important to them and how being in the military changed their lives.
  The first speaker, Butch Alford, spoke about how to go about dealing with people or situations one might disagree with. He brought up professional athletes kneeling before the American flag rather than standing. Alford said he strongly disagrees with anyone who does this, but doesn’t hate or discriminate against them. Alford added that he feels there is too much hate in the world, so why not spread more love?
  The second speaker, Austin Salazar, focused on how the military has created a new sense of appreciation for his “comfy pants.” By this he meant that since returning from his military deployment, he now spends more time with the ones he loves and doing things he loves, and that he has a greater appreciation for the simple things in life.
 The third and final speaker, Dick Riggs, made students aware of a new plaque that hangs in the hallway outside the LHS auditorium. It displays the names of more than 40 veterans who served in World War I shortly after graduating from LHS. Riggs told the stories of many veterans who are named on the plaque and how they served their country and the local community.
  Along with the speakers, a selection of veterans were present and recognized by the audience as each of their names were called one by one.
  A video produced by LHS student leaders played near the end of the assembly, emphasizing how much men and women do to protect the country and freedoms that define it.
  The event showed that Veterans Day means a lot of things to many different people.
  “I feel like Veterans Day is a day to respect and recognize vets and to improve ourselves,” said Bartholomei.


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Veterans share appreciation, wisdom Nov. 10