Teachers scratch success for school


Courtesy of Idaho Lottery

Left to right: Teachers Ricky Guzman, Kristin Delp and Matt Dabbs with their school winnings from the Idaho Lottery.

Josie Hafer, Reporter

Teachers Kristin Delp, Matt Dabbs and Ricky Guzman are to thank for the $338 awarded to Lewiston High School through the Scratch for Schools program this fall.

The three teachers scratched $338 worth of lottery tickets in five minutes, competing against schools from all over the state, such as J. Russel Elementary and Culdesac High School.

The Scratch for Schools program was created by Jim Bruce as an easy and fun way to raise extra funds for schools in the state of Idaho. This opportunity is available to all public schools in Idaho, and awards thousands of dollars to schools in order to fund schools’ needs; field trips, books, desks, technological equipment, playground equipment.

Every school has a team of three that is given five minutes to scratch as many lottery tickets as possible, and awards are also given for the most tickets scratched.