Top 10 tips for not dying at a concert

crowd enjoys rock concert

concert lights pictures

crowd enjoys rock concert

Alexx Wren, Features,Entertainment assistant

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concert lights pictures
crowd enjoys rock concert

After covering tons concerts in 16 years for the Vans Warped Tour, and on her own, here are just a few tips this writer has for a great concert experience.

• 1) Always have a phone charged for pictures and videos, as well as for after-concert safety.

• 2) It’s always good to have a small snack and lots of water, even if it’s not an outside venue. Concerts do get hot and there is the possibility of passing out.

• 3) Research the concert area and figure out where everything is, especially the exits. For a venue like a Warped Tour setup, mapping it out beforehand means knowing where all the bands are and having a good experience.

• 4) If it is an indoor concert, wear light clothing. A jam-packed area full of people pushing and jumping gets pretty warm.

• 5) Makeup is going to end up running from movement and heat, so to avoid looking like a raccoon, especially if there is a chance of meeting the band, wear lighter makeup.
• Wear appropriate shoes.

• 6) For hair, go for a messy or curly look. Messy curls look nice, but messy straight hair can be a wreck.

• 7) Take something for the band to sign in case meeting them becomes an option. A small journal or sketch book is a great choice for signatures from different concerts.

• 8) Take a small backpack or bag. With a small backpack, there’s no need to worry about dropping anything and it makes running, walking and dancing much easier.

• 9) If it is an outside concert, TAKE SUNSCREEN AND SUNGLASSES!

• 10) Lastly, Have fun! Don’t go to the concert worried or scared and just enjoy yourself! Merry List-Mas!

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