A Mystical Experience

Alexx wren, Feature/entertainment assistant

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Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. at Mystic Cafe performers, poets and other forms of art are welcomed into the cafe to share their talents with a live audience.

Some performers are poets and share beautifully written poems about their perspectives on society or falling in love. No matter what it may be, the audience always pays close attention to each performer. Other performers, such as singers, often perform. Acapella songs are performed all the time, along with Ukulele, Piano, Guitar and even sometimes magic tricks are performed to the audience. Even some LHS students have performed there, such as, Marshall Fisher, ChristyAuna (Alexx) Wren, Emilee Dingman, Emily Blair, Bryce Shantie, and many others have taken the Mystic stage.

Recently, Mystic Cafe has held a drawing at the end of the night, after all the performances are over. The cafe also offers trivia in between performers, for everyone to participate in,with $20 Happy Day gift card prizes. .

Mystic Cafe is a great place to discover new art and new local artists sharing their talents. This cafe also has amazing food and drinks. For Tea lovers, mystic cafe offers amazing options with exoctic new things to try. An amazing option would be iced chai tea with hemp milk, And for the coffee people, their lattes come in varieties. For something new, their rose green tea and their rose lattes are a great choice for people who love to try new things,and their Rosemary french fries are also a great option, it offers a flavor like nothing else. The price for the cafe can be a little pricey, but so worth it.Overall, the cafe is a very nice environment the staff are very attentive and they care about making the visitor’s experience a great one. This small, but gorgeous cafe offers something for everyone, and even an audience, and beautiful artwork for the more artistic people.

alexxx wren. mystic cafe photo

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