Lewiston community gathers for new schools groundbreaking

Abby Bower, News Assistant

Staff, students, family and administrators from Lewiston High School gathered at the construction site for the new high school at a groundbreaking ceremony at 4 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 20.
The excitement of the city could been seen through the 500 people that turned up despite the below freezing temperature and wind chill. At this ceremony the school’s pep band, cheerleaders and jazz choir performed, and speeches were given by students and members of the school board. Meanwhile students and community members watched in anticipation and huddled to keep warm.
The ASB presidents of Jenifer Junior High, Alec Eckert, and Sacajawea Junior High, Allison Jacks, gave speeches about their current education and how it will change when the new high school opens.
“As freshman, right now, if we want to take a foreign language, the only option we have is Spanish. Even though Spanish is great, when the new high school opens, freshmen will be able to choose from French and German, along with Spanish,” Jacks said as an example of the benefits of the new building.
The overall mood for this event was by far how grateful everyone was that the community came together to pull this all off. Many speakers made a note about how thankful they were that the people working for this never gave up, even despite the many failed efforts in the past, and that all of their hard work finally paid off.