Clarkston High School rocks Cat’s Cradle

Leah Schmidt, Chief copyeditor

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Directed by Larry Goodwin, Clarkston High School’s drama department performed Cat’s Cradle between Feb. 8 and 17.
  The play was originally written by Leslie Sands. It centers around the kidnapping and possible murder of a baby boy.
The detective, played by Josh Campbell-Ball, worked on the case many years before. He returns to the town where it occurred where he is greeted with cold shoulders and sneers. The detective wishes he could have solved the case and it is eating him up. The story then focuses on the detective pursuing the case even with resistance from the family.
  The play itself is filled with twists and turns that not even those with the keenest senses could see coming. The audience is constantly playing guessing games trying to figure out who, what and why.
  Since this play does not have any music, it is very dialogue-heavy. A few sections seemed a little long and dry but were soon remedied by funny one-liners presented by one of the c

The Clarkston High School drama department performs Cat’s Cradle. Photo by Leah Schmidt.

haracters. It was obvious that the actors had put in a lot of hard work, practicing all of those lines, and it paid off in the end.
  The set did not look like it belonged in a high school play. It was full of many little details from stairs, to lamps and to furniture that looked like it came right out of a little hotel from the 1980s.
  Cat’s Cradle was extremely well done and filled with suspense. The audience could feel how passionate the actors were, which made for a wonderful show. All-in-all Cat’s Cradle earns a 9/10.

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