MGMT revolutionizes earbuds of awaiting fans

Gracyn Richardson, Entertainment Editor

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MGMT’s new electronic/alternative/psychedelic album Little Dark Age was released on Feb. 9, offering a new funky sound for the band.  
  The album features songs such as “Little Dark Age”, “When You Die”, and “Me and Michael.” The duration for the album is 44 minutes, which is compiled with 10 groovy songs.
  Anyone with a nostalgic love for 1980s music will feel greatly satisfied by the whole album.
  I became a large fan of MGMT in May 2017 when I heard the song “Electric Feel” (2007). I have ventured through their many albums ever since.
  A lot of MGMT’s music can have the same sound, but this album blows that pattern out of the water. Each song has a different, yet similar, type of feel, commanding respect from the listener.  Somehow, MGMT captured the feel and sound of an
‘80s album, but launched it into the 21st century with the lyrics and the electronic feel typical of other artists’ albums like Tame Impala from “The Less I Know the Better,” or Yellow Days from “A Little While.”
  MGMT released the song “Hand it Over” from this album a month early to give a taste of what was in store with Little Dark Age. The doo-wop, psychedelic song played through my speakers for the duration of the month as I anticipated album.
  MGMT has had the recurring problem with having a distinct sound that feels like it has been put through a broken copier and distributed different yet same sounding songs. That completely changed with this 2018 album.
  Some songs are a bit extraneous, such as “She Works Out Too Much,” which accompanies an ‘80s-like woman’s voice giving workout instructions, but this said weirdness gives the album a unique feel.
  Individually, I could rate almost every song, starting with “Me and Michael” as a strong 10/10. But other songs like “James” are a little weak, earning more of a 6/10. To average it out, the entire album comes out to a strong 8/10.

MGMT released Little Dark Age Feb. 9. Image courtesy of

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