The Funks live each day as Valentine’s Day

Loretta Tuell, Features Assistant

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Mary Ann and Scott Funk have been married for 33 years, and have two adult sons together, Henry and Samuel. Perhaps what is most unique about the two is that they have been working together at Lewiston High School since 1991, with Scott teaching social sciences and Mary Ann working as librarian.
Scott said he loves his wife’s clever and witty way with words, while Mary Ann loves how great of a dad Scott is. She said she also admires his knowledge of trivia and added that the two have recently had a trivia competition streak going.
The funniest story that the pair has together is one that they call “teachers skip school too.” When Thanksgiving was around the corner in 1993, the pair decided they would travel to Kansas with their son, Henry. But they were not approved to leave school early that day.
The two decided they would be able to “sneak out” during their fourth hour, as Scott had a prep hour, and begin their journey to Spokane to make the flight.
When going through Colfax, the family ran into another problem: a flat tire. Afte

Scott and Mary Ann Funk goof off together as they share books with each other in the LHS library. Photo by Loretta Tuell.

r repairing the tire, they began the trip to Spokane once more. Upon arriving at the airport, the weather suddenly took a turn for the worst, delaying their flight.
While waiting for the weather to lighten up, a Spokane journalist took a photo of the couple for the Spokesman-Review. The Funks made the front page the next day, causing trouble for them with then-principal, Jim Wilund.
Beyond that trip, the pair hopes to one day travel everywhere, and they especially want to go to Europe.
Together since 1983, the Funks’ best relationship advice for others is to be open and honest, and make having fun a priority.
“Every day is Valentine’s,” Mary Ann told The Bengal’s Purr in February.
And so, for that romantic holiday this year, they spent the evening watching the Olympics together.

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The Funks live each day as Valentine’s Day