Survey: 7 questions that could change the future of school safety

Gracyn Richardson, Entertainment Editor

In 1999, post-Columbine shooting, The Purr asked students to answer a survey about violence in school. Now, nearly 20 years later, The Bengal’s Purr is asking the students and staff of LHS, along with the community, to answer the same questions that still linger from this same survey. In the April 13, 2018, edition of The Bengal’s Purr, staff will reveal and compare the 2018 results of the same survey questions that were asked in 1999.

To complete the anonymous 7-question survey, follow this link or the QR code shown here by the end of Thursday, March 29.

The March 2, 2018, issue of The Bengal’s Purr reported:
In 1999, the lives of Americans, including Lewiston High School students, were greatly impacted and changed when two shooters murdered 13 people at Columbine High School in Colorado.

The Columbine killers sent their shot around the nation, making American students feel voiceless, degraded and powerless. But in October 1999, the staff of The Bengal’s Purr surveyed 951 LHS students.

They asked students, “Who should be held responsible for gun-related violence by teens?”

As the students answered, their voices rang out, replenished and booming.

* Note: The March 2, 2018, story incorrectly stated that the Columbine shootings happened in Littleton, Colorado, due to a Bengal’s Purr error.