Papa Johns’s Satisfies

Eli Thomas, Entertaiment Assistant

Papa John’s is a national pizza chain known for its ”better ingredients and better pizza.” Lewiston has had its very own Papa John’s for quite a few years located at 1024 16th Ave. In recent time it has undergone a new ownership, and is now under Sam Swarner.

The chain specializes in take ‘n’ bake pizza, wings, breadsticks and dessert. The food items being discussed in this review are a large barbeque pizza with green peppers and beef. The other is their double chocolate chip brownie.

The first part of any dining experience is the service quality of employees. When calling in an order for carryout, the Papa John’s staff was very helpful and kind. The reception is very warm when one walks in to the store. The workers always have smiles on their faces.

At first glance, the pizza looked great. The green peppers and beef were both very appetizing to see. The first bite consisted of the soft dough, the sweet barbeque sauce, and flavorful cheese. This continued all the way to the crust. The crust was a bit dry but it was still warm and fluffy. The only other downside of the pizza was the barbeque sauce was a bit tangy. But other than that, the pizza was wonderful.

I saved room for dessert like any wise person would, and had a double chocolate chip brownie. The brownies were warm, gooey and tasty. The chocolate chips melted in my mouth and the texture was great too.

Papa John’s promised better ingredients and better pizza and they definitely delivered, even though …. For this reason, the Lewiston Papa John’s earns a 9.6/10.