Annual Distinguished Young Women competition goes off with out a hitch

Skylar Raymond, Features Assistant

After weeks of preparing and practicing, 10 LHS junior girls took the stage April 14 for their final turn in the annual Distinguished Young Women competition.
The winner of the 2018-2019 DYW event for Lewiston was Lydia McRoberts. The first alternate was Ashlee Bachman, and the second alternate was Emily Trigsted.
“Working with new people and getting to know one another was one of the best experiences about Distinguished Young Women.” Stated Lydia McRoberts.

They started off with an introduction piece to help the judges and the audience get to know them. After the introduction, the girls moved onto fitness routines with groups and then an individual routine.
Next up was talent, with each of the girls performing to show their more personal side.  Saebra Woods played the guitar and sang “Will I” by Hillsong United. This performance won the talent portion of the event and wowed everyone in the room.
Throughout this program, the girls said they gained friendships, positive experiences they thought they wouldn’t ever have, and confidence in themselves to be more outgoing to help our school.