Seniors move on to great things, conquer

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Seniors move on to great things, conquer

Annabelle Ady, Opinion Editor

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To the class of 2018: we did it. We made it! We came, we saw, and we conquered. It seemed as though this would never end; the constant homework, lectures, lack of schools bells (which I’ve personally enjoyed), and so much more, this year has been a roller coaster (and apparently a cliche too). It’s weird knowing that in a few short weeks we will be walking in a row to get our diplomas, we will throw our hats in the air, we will hug and laugh and cry with each other, we will smile for pictures and proudly display our (flattering) robes.
All of this is because of our dedication, our friends, our teachers, our family, and other supporters, but most of all because we pushed ourselves. We made it through another school year, and for some of us this will be our last and others it will be one of many more to come. Wherever the students of LHS, the class of 2018, goes we will conquer! Whether it be at college, the military, work, home, the world, it does not matter. Some students will begin their lives and move on from high school into their adult lives, they will begin families and settle down, they will marry and create a home. Others may stay home and work, have a headstart in the workforce. Some of them will go to college and live on their own or with friends, others will travel and see the world, others will enjoy the freedom of our last summer as young adults. Some will join the military and bravely serve our country. All of these choices are good ones, they are personal decisions and no one’s business. Who cares if you get married out of high school? Or if you don’t go to college? Or if you just work? Or if you spend your summer relaxing? As long as you are happy with the decision it should not matter to the rest of us. Whatever the decision, or where life leads us it is our decision. Bottom line.
We made it through maybe both the easiest and hardest year of our life, some of us suffered losses (my heart goes out to you), some of us made sacrifices, some of us achieved great things, all of us changed. No matter what you choose to do after high school is up to you, no one else matters nor should they comment on your decisions. Do what you want to, not what others want you to do.
So here is to us: the class of 2018. May we continue to do great things.

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Seniors move on to great things, conquer