A note from the Editor: spread kindness


Amanda Egland, Editor in Chief

As we enter the world as young adults there are endless opportunities and experiences to be had. When many of us look forward we see things like college, the workforce, the military, marriage, maybe even kids, but few of us consider life›s inevitable obstacles and circumstances. If there is one thing I hope for every graduate of the Class of 2018 it is that we understand and accept that life is a roller coaster, and tomorrow is not guarenteed.

  You will see some of your peers often after graduation, and some of them you will never see again. Some of our classmates may live short lives, while others live until they are one hundred years old. Some will live entirely healthy lives, while other could battle illnesses numerous times. A few of our paths will lead us far away from here, while others may never leave. There is a variety amount of ways this life could turn out, so never sell anyone short or think they are above failure. We will all have our challenges, and we will all have our victories. We are all human.

We are taught from the time we are children to treat others the way we want to be treated. This rule is one we are reminded of often as we get older. As we enter the world it is important that this rule applies to our veryday life.
 There is no way of guessing how long or how prosperous your peers will live, because tomorrow is unpredictable, and life does not come with a manual.  Make sure to cherish the memories made, and treat people in a way that you would be okay if that was the last time you ever saw them.

My challenge to you is not to live your life like you, or your peers could die at any moment, but instead to accept that life does happen and some situations you may never see coming.

Do the things you want to do, and be around people who are important to you. Spread kindess and love, because tomorrow is unknown.