Jones offers life advice to graduating seniors

Sandra Kinney, Co-Editor in Chief

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In September 2016, I wrote my very first story for The Bengal’s Purr. I wrote about the new teachers during the 2016-2017 school year.

In that story, I quoted Mike Jones, a new psychology teacher that year, saying, “I am a 250-lb. man with feelings.”

As I finish my senior year at LHS, I see just how much that quote has represented Jones and his relationships with students.

In light of graduation, I sat down with Jones to gather advice for seniors as we move into life after high school.

“Live your life,” he said. “Don’t live in an ambiguous gray area. Do things, make messes, and try to clean them up. There will be bad times. Don’t let the bad times be too bad or the good times be too good.”

During high school, the one thing Jones wished he had done more of was take risks and put himself out there.

“That’s how you find out what you like. You only get one shot,” he said.

Jones said he feels hopeful for his graduating students.

“I hope students going out into the world live up to their full potential,” he said. “It’s cool watching them go out and gain a sense of appreciation for the world around them.”

“Any one of them could impact the world or impact someone around them,” he said. “It is exciting to think of how much potential each student has.”

As a teacher, the responsibility of molding young minds in the classroom is huge. For Jones, that responsibility is one reason that he loves his job.

“Sometimes you don’t realize the impact that you have on other people,” he said. “From a teaching perspective, you could say something on the first day of school and students will remember it on the last day of school. [This is after] you didn’t even think they heard you in the first place.”

Nearly three years ago, Jones never thought that a student would remember his words, “I am a 250-lb. man with feelings.”
But that statement began a student-teacher friendship that I will remember for the rest of my life. Mike Jones’ impact on my life and the lives of his students is one that we will always be grateful for.

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Jones offers life advice to graduating seniors