Wassmuth leaves LHS, goes to Alabama

Loretta Tuell, Features Assistant

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At the end of the 2017-2018 school year Ms. Wassmuth will be saying farewell to LHS with the graduating class of 2018. With the school year coming to a close, she is preparing to move to Huntsville, Alabama. After working at the high school for 14 years, she is grateful for having to work with students daily, as well as the rest of the LHS staff, and being able to be contribute to the community. Wassmuth says she will miss the seeing her students and working with great people the most.

  With the 2,250 mile move comes a wide range of emotions. Wassmuth is feeling a mixture of nervousness and excitement.
  “Change is harder when you›re older.” Wassmuth says.

  She is still willing to move and be flexible with change to see her boyfriend more and be closer to him. Wassmuth is excited for the move so she can impact another community with her knowledge on health.

  As Wassmuth reflects on her time at LHS, she stresses how much she loves her job.

  “There has never been a day where I wasn›t excited to be here. I look forward to coming to school,” says Wassmuth.

  Before she leaves the school, she hopes that has impacted and inspired her students. With the young minds she interacts with, she hopes that some walk away with the inspiration to work in healthcare.

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Wassmuth leaves LHS, goes to Alabama