Drama seniors say thank you for support

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Drama seniors say thank you for support

Leah Schmidt, Chief Copyeditor

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The Lewiston High School drama department has had yet another wonderful season. Filled with giant peaches, murders and happy wedding times, the students are extremely proud of everything they have accomplished this year. Many seniors are sad to say goodbye to their beloved Bengal family. They have been so devoted to the club for many years, but are excited to move onto the next chapter of their lives.

  Many of the students agreed that The Drowsy Chaperone was their favorite play they have ever performed in.

  “My favorite production would have to be The Drowsy Chaperone because of the professionalism and positivity from everyone involved allowed us to be show-ready much earlier than usual and overall made for an extremely fun show to be involved in,” said co-theater manager, Derek Renzelman.

  Aailee Fuson loved the production and her role as Mrs. Tottendale.

  “It gave me the opportunity to not only spit on my partner, but the opportunity to play a character that I will always cherish in my heart.”

  Mel Syverson, drama director, also agreed that The Drowsy Chaperone was “one of the best shows I have ever directed anywhere.”

  She added, “The hard work and cohesiveness of the cast was unlike I’ve experienced before. I really couldn’t have been more proud.”

  Syvannah Hart’s favorite production, however, was And Then There Were None.

  “I got to deal with some very heavy material that challenged my ability and I had never been a part of such a small cast so I was able to become very close with some people I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to be with otherwise.”

  The seniors are excited for next year and where their lives are heading. Several students are heading to the University of Idaho and will study a wide variety of careers. Abby Myklebust, drama co-president, will be studying environmental science. Zach Haas, drama co-president, plans on double majoring in theater arts and film studies. Renzelman will double major in instrumental music education and vocal music education. Carl Snyder plans to double major in vocal performance and music education. Hart will be majoring in foods and Dietetics with a focus on genetic engineering of plant crops.

  Aubrie Hunt, however, will be continuing her life adventure at Boise State University to study occupational therapy. Sirius Adamson plans on getting a job and going through life wherever it may take her from there. Jessica Leckie, the drama public relations officer, will be attending LCSC for her two year associates degree in general studies.

 The students would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have supported them in their journey through high school and who have helped make them who they are today..

  Hunt says, “thank you to my choir teacher, Julie Burke, for helping my love if music grow. Thank you to my directors, Beth Atkinson and Melissa Syverson for helping me discover my love for performing.”

  Hart says, “Thanks to my mom who would come pick me up every weeknight at midnight after rehearsal and deciding not to kill me.”

  Aailee Fuson says thank you to her supporters “for never letting me give up on my dreams. Without you, I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am.”

  Adamson says, “Thank you, it’s been a wild ride but it›s been fun.”  

  Hass wants to give his supporters “the biggest thank you. Huge shout out to Fitz, Becci, Ethan, Larry and Mel for supporting me in my entire drama experience.”

  Myklebust wants to take this opportunity to thank everyone “for always believing in me and pushing me to become a better person.”

  Leckie would like to say “thank you very much. I’m incredibly lucky to have [my supporters] in my life. I don’t know where I would be without you.”

  Snyder says, “For everyone who has supported me in high school, thank you so much. I would not be anywhere near where I am if it wasn›t for all that you have done for me. Whether it be my journalism and music teachers, my directors, family, or close friends, I love all of you and owe where I am now to you.”

  “To everyone who has taught me, directed me, or even come to see a show, thank you from the bottom of my heart because none of it would have been possible without you,” said Renzelman.

  Syverson also wanted to take a chance to give a message to all of the seniors before they leave.

  “I love you. I am so thankful for you. Don’t EVER stop using your gifts to add love and light to this world!”

  These students, classmates, and friends will truly be missed as they begin their new journey. Everyone wishes them only luck and good fortune while they take the next step in their lives.

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Drama seniors say thank you for support