Former LHS student brings in positivity in slam poetry


Courtesy of Phoenix New Times

Myrlin Hepworth

Eli Thomas, Co-Entertainment Editor

LHS Sophomores and Juniors had the pleasure of watching emerging hip hop artist Myrlin Hepworth perform, teach, and answer questions the week of September 10-14th.
Myrlin himself was an LHS student, graduating in 2005. He then moved to Arizona and later enrolled at Arizona State University. Since then he has become a nationally recognized slam poet, and writer. He was ranked in the top 20 slam poets in the entire world in 2015. Myrlin has taught workshops in prisons, shelters, detention centers, high schools and colleges.
In his lectures, Myrlin encouraged students to step outside their comfort zone and try to go after what they want.
“Follow and pursue your interests and travel.” Myrlin said when asked what his best advice is.
Students read, wrote, and performed poems. They were encouraged to dig deep inside and write something that had personal meaning. Students also experimented with rhyming words, word association, and linking similar words together.
“The most important part of writing is that it gives us access to who we are eternally” Myrlin said.