Scary or not scary?

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Scary or not scary?

Erika Schlafman, News Assistant

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Scary: Spiders

Scary: Clowns

Scary: Becoming possessed

Scary: Drug addiction

Scary: Heights

Scary: Demons

Scary: Darkness

Scary: White supremacists

Scary: Drowning

Scary: Inescapable death

Scary: Snakes

Scary: Natural disasters

Scary: School shootings

Scary: Anesthesia awareness

Scary: Global warming

Scary: Extinction

Scary: Trophy hunting

Scary: Permanent marker

Scary: Fire

Scary: Teenage boys

Scary: Walking alone

Scary: Stains

Scary: Plastic items

Scary: Family reunions

Scary: Satanic cults

Scary: Clarkston

Not Scary: Mr. Guzman

Not Scary: Roly-polys

Not Scary: Finding Nemo

Not Scary: Watermelons

Not Scary: Frozen yogurt

Not Scary: Puppies

Not Scary: The sun

Not Scary: Bob Marley

Not Scary: Breathing

Not Scary: Moana

Not Scary: Worms

Not Scary: Rain

Not Scary: Officer Birdsell

Not Scary: The dentist

Not Scary: Dian Fossey

Not Scary: Hugs

Not Scary: Loving animals

Not Scary: Pencils

Not Scary: Water

Not Scary: Derek Sheppard

Not Scary: Driving

Not Scary: Washable maker

Not Scary: Recyclable items

Not Scary: Staying in bed

Not Scary: Heaven

Not Scary: Lewiston

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Scary or not scary?