Ten ways to disappoint loved ones this Christmas

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By Josie Hafer
Opinion Editor

Everyone has received an awful Christmas gift at one time or another. Sometimes, gifts are so bad that one can even muster up a half hearted smile and an “Aww, thanks, I can’t wait to use this!” So to keep from becoming that one person who has a reputation for their poor gift giving skills, here’s a list of the ten worst gifts to give or receive this Christmas.

10. Beauty products
These can be great, but buying products like foundation or concealer for someone could be a gamble, because just one shade too dark or too light becomes a worthless gift that can’t be returned.

9. Clothes
This one has a disclaimer. Clothes can be great, if the person who purchased them knows the recipient or has at least seen them in the past year or so. What’s not so great is getting a hot pink T-shirt with cats on it from a great-aunt Catherine whose existence was questionable up to this point.

8. Socks
Fuzzy socks aside, no one wants to receive socks for Christmas. They show no thought and no effort. Not to mention that the gift of socks becomes infinitely worse when they’re hand-me-downs.

7. Self-help books
Nothing implies someone’s opinion of someone and their habits more than a self-help book. So rather than discreetly mentioning a concern for a certain someone, you’d rather get them the newest edition of “You picked the wrong guy– again!” Not a good move.

6. Ugly Christmas sweaters
Sure, it’s a cute idea in theory, but once it is received Christmas is already over. Also, ugly Christmas sweaters serve little purpose outside of sweater parties. Anywhere else, they’re just ugly.  

5. Pets
On a more serious note, if one was to want an animal for Christmas, they should buy it themselves. If a dog or cat or anything else is purchased for someone that doesn’t want it, who knows where it will end up or what will happen to it.

4. Fanny packs
Sure, they’re versatile and handy, but at what cost? Unless you’re buying a pink sequined one, I don’t want it.

3. Thoughtless gifts
What’s worse than getting a gift that you know was bought the night before, or worse, obviously regifted? As in used or open products. It might just be better to receive nothing at all.

2. Child’s toys
If you get lucky, you might have a younger sibling or family member you could pass it along to. But in the case of Abby Bower, junior,  “I got a Dora toothbrush when I was 13. It was not a good time.”

1. Mediocre food
Everyone has known someone who’s received a mediocre casserole or something similar for Christmas. So what to do with it? It’s not going to get eaten, but it feels wrong to throw it out. Cue lost freezer space for the next six months.  

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