App helps families

App helps families

Krystal Barber, News Assistant

Purposity, a new app meant to help students and families in need, recently became available in the Lewiston School District.

The app sends a weekly notification to users’ phones about someone local who is in need. It will tell the user who
the person is, where they are and what they need. Once a phone gets the notification in the app, each user can decide
whether to help the person in need.

The app includes stories about each child in need, written by someone who works with them, such as a school social worker or school counselor.

Stephanie Bodden, a Lewiston School District social worker, has seen many needs fulfilled from the app. The local app has 856 users and it’s been very effective, she said.

“Almost all of our needs have been met by that evening,” Bodden said, meaning needs are met within the day they are shared on the app.

There are a number of ways Purposity users can help, from providing a mattress for a child whose mother can’t afford one, to buying shoes for a kid in foster care, or getting school supplies for a family that cannot obtain them. The app costs
nothing to download or but the user has to pay for the item donated. It is stated clearly in the app how much the item will cost — all that the user has to do is pay for it and Purposity handles purchasing and shipping the item.

If someone joins Purposity and decides they no longer want to receive weekly messages, all they will have to do is text “STOP” and will no longer receive notifications.

The app originated in Atlanta, Georgia, and is quickly spreading to new cities with the intention of helping those in need.