Top five most atrocious albums of the year

Top five most atrocious albums of the year

Eli Thomas, Co-Entertainment Editor

  When people in the future are discussing 2018’s music they will be talking about monumental albums such as Astroworld and Ye. They won’t be talking about any of the following albums here, which are the top five worst albums from 2018.

5.  Imagine Dragons – Origins: This is the band that always makes one change the radio station, the band nobody can seem to escape. Their latest album is nothing new or ambitious for them. It sounds more like a product for top 40 radio than an actual album.

4. Drake- Scorpion: The rapper’s fifth album is a double album, which means twice the mediocrity, twice the disappointment, and twice the cringe-worthy moments. After all, this is the album that “In My Feelings” calls home, so everyone should hate it for ruining the internet last summer.

3. Cardi B- Invasion of Privacy: This is exactly what happens when the internet tries to make a rapper out of someone who is not remotely qualified. All Cardi B is doing here is following trends with bland production. Her lyrics are also insanely predictable and cliche. The fact that people enjoy this is baffling.

2. Fall Out Boy- M A N I A: Want to hear the sound of a band who should have called it quits 10 years ago? Look no further! Fall Out Boy delivers 36 minutes of a horrendous blend of pop, rock and electronic music.

1. XXXTENTACION- ?: The sole fact that this album starts out with “instructions” is enough reason to top this list alone. It is indicative of the fact that X was delusional and pretentious enough to think his music was so profound and intellectually deep that it needed some sort of explanation. This intro is followed by nothing but inconsistent, sloppy songs. You should have to personally apologize to your own ear drums after playing songs like “going down!” and “schizophrenia.” If there is any album to need to leave behind with 2018, it is this one.