Upperclassmen ask for order during upcoming Throne


The above diagram portrays the Activity Center at LCSC, where Golden Throne is held. The main entrance to the building is in the bottom left corner. Key and diagram created by Josie Hafer. Floor plan courtesy of Brooke Henze.

Josie Hafer, Opinion Editor

Though Golden Throne is easily the most spirited activity of the school year, discussion surrounding for years now has been the apparent lack of spirit and vigor from the underclassmen. With the LHS “six-peat” on the line this year, school spirit has to be at its peak and underclassmen must give it their all.

Leading the complaints from the Golden Throne crowd is assigned seating. For starters, stay on the designated side of the gym for each school! As much as students want to go visit with their friends from the other side, both schools ask they refrain from doing so as much as possible. Some feel that it is still necessary to mingle, and if this is the case, students should agree to meet with friends in the connecting hallways between the seats.

Levels of seats are also designated for certain grades and other spectators, and arriving early to the venue will not guarantee that you can stay in the seats you pick at the beginning of the event. The courtside seats along the middle of the gym are reserved for members of school leadership such as ASB and class officers. The area directly behind those seats and along the entire length of the gym is strictly for seniors.

The space behind the seniors and up to the barrier before the walkway is for juniors and sophomores. The upper block of seats is where freshmen and the general public are invited to sit. If lower seats open up, feel free to move! Just remember that seniority rules, and if an upperclassman asks for lower seats, be respectful and oblige. It may be their last year to see the legendary rivalry game from their designated seats. Stay positive, though, because people move and seats open up all the time.

The whole idea behind Golden Throne is the school spirit, and for our Bengals to win another year, everyone has to give their all. At the Golden Throne assembly, the traditional cheers are reviewed as well as the themed cheers. If all else fails, be loud and be proud! Golden Throne is meant to be fun for all, and getting involved is the best way to do so.