Students take Heads Up 7-Up to competitive level

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President Trump’s administration has announced his most revolutionary change for the United States. He will institutionalize competitive Heads Up 7-Up games in public schools across the United States. The game will now treated as a sport within the school districts.
With this new development, schools in almost every state have held a multitude of meetings to address how to run this new program. Concerns include who will run each program, and how to enforce its rules.
“When I was a child, this was my favorite game,” Trump explained. “I think it should be everyone’s favorite game too.”
The rules of the typical game are very easy. Seven participants stand in front of the rest of the participants. Members of the group that are not standing must cover their eyes and lower their heads onto the nearest school desk. They also must place their thumb up in the air.
The seven players standing then begin to go around the room and touch only one thumb that is up in the air. They then return to the front of the room. If a participant with their head on the table has their thumb touched they must remove their hand from the air. When all seven standing players return to the front, in unison they must say, “Heads up, 7-up.”
The group with their heads down can then begin to raise their heads. Anyone whose thumb was touched may stand up and take one shot at guessing who touched their thumb. If they guess right, they must switch spots with their thumb-toucher in the front. If they are wrong, they must sit back down.
However, to improve this so-called sport there were a few additions to the rules:
1. Choose seven standing participants at random by picking names out of a jar.
2. Place the rest of the participants in desks at least two feet apart from each other.
3. The seven standing players have only 90 seconds to touch a thumb.
4. Any sitting participant will be eliminated for who incorrectly guessing the identity of their thumb-toucher. As a standing participant if a sitting participant correctly guesses their thumb-toucher, the thumb-toucher is eliminated and replaced by that sitting participant.
5. The game continues until only 7 participates are left.
There are still some questions to be answered before the new sport can begin in schools across the country. Questions such as: how old do you have to be to participate and will this complicate schedules for kids who participate in other sports? However, all these questions and many more will be answered soon in the upcoming meeting amongst multiple school board heads. With this new program planned to begin the following school year, there is no doubt that this new sport will be seen in the following school year.

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