Dwight and Angela, the best love story in The Office


Dwight, Angela, Jim, and Pam sit together. Photo courtesy of IMDb.

Mikey Vidovich, Co-Entertainment Editor

Although viewers of The Office mainly see Pam and Jim as the show’s best story line, the romance between Dwight and Angela definitely wins overall.

  The Office (U.S.) is a show based on a U.K. series by the same name. The U.S. series ended in 2013, so spoilers are ahead for all nine seasons. The show centers around workers in an office who are filmed by a camera crew as they live their everyday lives. The most popular characters include: Michael, Dwight, Jim and Pam, along with side characters, who are wonderfully casted. All these characters bring their own uniqueness to the show, and one in particular is Angela, played by Angela Kinsey.

  Angela is an outspoken Christian who frowns upon many of the things that go on in the office. She is also known as “the cat lady,” because she always and only wants to talk about her cats. During the first couple seasons of the show her character is in the background, only popping up to make snide remarks. Pretty much all of her lines are hilarious, as are many of the characters’ — but the difference is that all her remarks fit her character and personality so well. She might not be one of the main characters, but what really makes her stand out in season two is her unexpected love interest, Dwight Schrute, played by Rainn Wilson.

  Dwight is the guy who exaggerates everything to the point where it’s unbelievably funny. One of the most popular scenes that shows the gist of his personality is when he starts a fire in the office to test his co-workers’ knowledge of fire drills. He also makes it well known to everyone that he is a beet farmer.

  When Angela is revealed to be in a relationship with Dwight, it’s huge news around the office. And as the series goes on, Angela and Dwight’s love story is the best love story on the show.

  The most popular love story is Pam and Jim’s. It’s cute watching the two characters’ interactions while knowing they both like each other. There are some intense scenes between them that make the reveal of their relationship in season four even better. Pam and Jim have a beautiful love story about a crush that turns into a family with children. But that story in no way beats Angela and Dwight’s.

  Almost from the beginning, the audience knows that at some point Pam and Jim are going to end up together. Their characters develop most while their friendship slowly turns into a romantic relationship. After they get together, they just become Pam and Jim, the couple. It is exciting to finally see them get together, but after watching the show further, the story is missing something without the chaotic chase of Jim trying to get Pam. However, Dwight and Angela’s relationship is more mysterious and interesting throughout the whole series.

  Dwight and Angela have many ups and downs in their relationship. Their first challenge comes up when Angela wants their relationship to stay a secret. Then Dwight kills her cat, Sprinkles, whom she loved very much. After the death of her cat, their relationship is over. It seems as though their break is going to be temporary, but then Angela begins seeing a different co-worker, Andy Bernard, played by Ed Helms.

Later Angela becomes engaged to Andy but is still secretly seeing Dwight. Hypocritical for a Christian, right? Anyway, her engagement comes to an end, and so does her relationship with Dwight. Then, for the first time, Angela has to try to make Dwight want to be with her, instead of it being the other way around.

Their relationship is all over the place and it is never known if they are done for good, or just on a break. Later on, Angela begins seeing a new guy, Rob Lipton, also known as The Senator, played by Jack Coleman, and a new love story between co-workers Erin and Andy blossoms.

  Angela and Dwight’s relationship begins to fade, but it is still unclear if their love story is over or not. Luckily, it isn’t. Angela continues her relationship with Rob, and even has a son, who is eventually revealed to belong to Dwight and not Rob. The Senator and Angela separate after he publically comes out as gay. Angela then confesses that she still loves Dwight. By this time Dwight has a new girlfriend, although he confesses that he, too, loves Angela. And by the series final episode, Dwight and Angela get married.

  The story of Dwight and Angela is all over the place throughout the series. Their relationship is more emotional than any other characters’. At first it is weird to find out that Angela, who is uptight, is with Dwight, the “class clown.” Then it is cute watching them try and keep it a secret. It then is sad when they break up, and frustrating to watch them be with other people.

In the final episode fans get their wish with Dwight and Angela’s wedding, which proves how important their relationship was.

This is why Dwight and Angela were the best love story in The Office.