Chavez takes home Mr. LHS 2019 title

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Photo Courtesy of

Abby Bower, News Editor

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  A group of 10 LHS senior boys competed in the annual Mr. LHS competition Feb. 6 in the school auditorium. First place went to Josiah Chavez, along with the first runner-up, Micah Rudy, and second runner-up, Marcelle Bourgeau.
All of the winners of the different categories took home prize baskets donated by local businesses and put together by senior cheerleaders.
  The boys were divided into two groups, and each group completed in five different categories; exercise, swimwear, talent, composure, and question and answer.
   The exercise and swimwear portions of the show involved choreographed routines to the songs “You Sexy Thing” by Hot Chocolate and “Big Time Rush” by Big Time Rush.   
  The boys each chose a talent to perform; some of the acts included a Fruit Ninja demonstration, a guitar act and a drum solo. The winning talent performance was a traditional hand-drumming routine and song by Bourgeau, who performed with his father.
  In the composure portion of the show, most of the boys walked their mom down the aisles of the auditorium, with some walking with their little sisters or friends instead. Chavez won for his composure.
  In the question and answer portion, each contestant chose a random question from a bowl and took turns answering at the microphone.
  Despite experiencing technical difficulties while he was performing his talent, Chavez still took home the title of Mr. LHS 2019. For his talent Chavez had planned to play guitar bit with a looper pedal and some props.
“Something went wrong,” said Chavez, “I’m not really sure what that was, but I just started playing freestyle and it ended up fine.”