New LHS Buzkashi team season starts up

Eli Thomas, Co-Entertainment Editor

 For the first time in history, Lewiston High School will have a competitive Buzkashi team for the spring of 2019. They will compete throughout the season against divisional opponents such as Lake City, Post Falls and Coeur d’Alene. Their first match is against Moscow Saturday, April 13, at the Lewiston Fairgrounds.
  For few people who don’t know, Buzkashi is a competitive sport in which two teams on horses attempt to place a dead goat in a specific goal or area. For schools such as Clarkston, Washington rules require a calf instead of a goat.  The opposing team must play defense and prevent the dead animal from getting in the goal.
  Buzkashi literally means “goat pulling” in Persian and is the national sport of Afghanistan. Over the last decade, Buzkashi has become very popular at high schools, not only in the Inland Northwest, but the country as a whole. It is played usually during the spring with 10 horse riders on each team. The game consists of two 45-minute halves.
  “It is amazing to finally see Buzkashi getting the recognition it deserves after all these years,” said Megan Light, an LHS senior who has been playing the sport since she was 4. “I really think that Buzkashi has the potential to open a lot of people’s minds at LHS. It is really a fun sport to watch and the goat feast after is always a lot of fun too.”
  Other members of the team who are eager for practice to start include junior, Carlos Arteaga.
   “I’m excited to finally get to display my Buzkashi skills to the school,” Arteaga said, “and to make people proud by hopefully winning Buzkashi State in Boise this year.”
  Those who are interested in joining the Buzkashi team can talk to Jeff Karlin in SB6. Karlin is the head coach for LHS Buzkashi and has played the sport for 20 years.