Elementary kids form Tribune in Orchards classroom

Skylar Raymond, Features Editor

  This year, Orchards Elementary school’s sixth grade class has started its own student-led school newspaper, The Orchards Elementary Tribune. This group of elementary students is finding new ways to be involved in the school, and planting a seed of creativity in Orchards Elementary for years to come.
 With the help of their classroom teacher and newspaper adviser, Dani Bozzuto, students come together to draft out their newest issue once a month. Students can write stories on any topic they choose and everyone in the class is able to be a part of the publication, said Sara Combs.  
 The main editors who are involved in writing and page design include: Jazmine Baker, Lauren Gibbs, Laren Piquet, Derica Porter, Aryanna Rothwell, Kaeden Tinney and Tessa Williams.
 “We all really enjoy working on the paper because we get to improve our team working skills, and get to show our creativity,” Gibbs said.  
Highlights from recent issues include a delicious raspberry and cream dessert recipe, endangered animals, and types of anxiety disorders.
Students working on the paper are learning skills like leadership, initiative, accountability and more that they will be able use throughout school and their careers.

  “It’s cool to be a part of something that has an impact on the students and school. I feel like we are making a change,” member Ryan Larkin states.

  To design their issues, students use Google Slides to create pages for each story. The editors go through each page, correcting mistakes they see to create a professional publication. Ms. B’s classroom is full of bright colors and positive messages to make the perfect environment for students to use their creativity to the fullest ability.
 “Working on the paper has let me be more outgoing in sharing how I feel because I can write stories to share with people in the school and community about things I care about,” Ryan Larkin said.
To see the effort that these journalists put into the making of The Orchards Tribune, pick up a copy at the main office at Orchards Elementary School or contact Bozzuto: [email protected]

Skylar Raymond
Orchards Elementary students smile after creating The Orchards Tribune.