Trump releases new transgender military policies

Annika Snow, News Assistant

Annika Snow

On April 12, BuzzFeed news reported the Pentagon officially put out new policies against transgender soldiers due to “medically valid reasons.”

To make it seem like the Pentagon is in no way discriminating against them, the government is allowing these soldiers to serve if they can “simply” pretend they are their physical birth gender and only if they haven’t had a sex change.

On top of that the pentagon has enacted a grandfather clause stating that the only way a soldier currently serving can remain in the military is if they came out between 2016 and today. Grandfather clauses have never changed for their cause and haven’t been used in over 100 years, what makes the government think, “Yeah, let’s try this again”?

According to reports from BuzzFeed news after interviewing soldiers who are currently serving in the military. They reported that Transgender soldiers are terrified and feel betrayed that the nation is turning their backs on them after their service because they are a “medical burden.”

Looking back, on July 26, 2017, Donald J. Trump announced his military ban which banned all transgender people from joining the military. Later, in February of 2018, the Pentagon Policy released an additional policy prohibiting transgender soldiers from joining the military or changing positions, but up until now, the currently enlisted soldiers were safe.

The government believes that gender dysphoria creates a distraction to the transgender soldiers and because of that, they are a burden. The reality is, if the soldiers did not have to worry about losing their positions in the first place there would be no real distraction at all.

So is there even any real issue to begin with or is this just an excuse for Trump to go through on his previous threats in 2016?