Strahan shares opinions on high school, graduation


Courtesy of LHS Yearbook

Conner Strahan

Mikey Vidovich, Entertainment Editor

An interview was conducted between Bengal’s Purr Entertainment Editor, Mikey Vidovich, and one of Lewiston High School’s 2019 valedictorians, Conner Strahan. He shared his favorite high school memory, and gave tips on how to be a valedictorian.

Mikey Vidovich: What are your thoughts on being a valedictorian?

Conner Strahan: It’s pretty cool and has been a long-term goal of mine.

MV: What are your thoughts on graduating?

CS: It’s awesome, but I do have anxiety going onto the next step.

MV: What was your favorite class?

CS: The Relationships psychology class with Mrs. Bakker.

MV: What is your advice to students who are just now starting their high school careers?

CS: Pay attention and do your work.

MV: What has been the biggest obstacle that you have overcome?

CS: Trying to get through the classes that I have disliked.

MV: What is your favorite high school memory?

CS: Being on the track team and going to the track meets with my friends.

MV: What is your favorite overall school memory?

CS: My third-grade teacher who did magic tricks when I lived in Kamiah.

MV: Who is your role model?

CS: My grandma — she is strong, smart and helpful.