Hathaway and Wilson’s new comedy, “The Hustle,” tanks


Photo courtesy of IMDb.com

Penny (Wilson) and Josephine (Hathaway) discuss their new plan. .

Mikey Vidovich, Entertainment Editor

Directed by Chris Addison and released May 10, The Hustle, tells the story of two con artists coming together to commit a larger con.

The trailer for this movie isn’t too far from what the actual film is about. There are a few small twists and turns, but nothing memorable. The one thing this film does have going for it, are its lead actresses, Anne Hathaway of The Princess Diaries, and Pitch Perfects’ comic Rebel Wilson.

Wilson, of course, plays the hilarious, over-exaggerated character, Penny, while Hathaway plays Josephine, a very serious and smart con artist. Penny meets Josephine and, together, they con a few rich guys. But when Penny doesn’t get a cut of the profits she leaves, and Josephine reveals she’s been using Penny. Josephine goes to move on with her life thinking that she got away with another con, but Penny comes back, deciding not to leave the area. Josephine is not OK with this. So Penny, wanting to show she’s the better con artist, makes a deal with her. The first person to con $5,000 from a random guy at a hotel is the better con artist. The rest of the film is about them trying to con a guy named Thomas, portrayed by Alex Sharp.

This movie is not very good, mainly because of how easy it is to zone out of. The plot is dull and doesn’t have much character development throughout the film’s runtime of 110 minutes. Even the comedy in this movie isn’t the best. Some scenes cause chuckling, but nothing extreme, which is upsetting for a movie labeled and promoted as a comedy.

Again, the only good things about this film are the actresses. The acting from the supporting cast isn’t bad, but that’s not enough to save this movie from being forgotten. The Hustle deserves a 2/5.