Tyler, The Creator delivers best new summer hit


Courtesy of Magnetic.

IGOR album art

Gracyn Richardson, Editor-in-Chief

The new album, IGOR, from Tyler, The Creator, debuted May 17. A recent tweet from Tyler read, “Don’t go into this expecting a rap album. Don’t go into this expecting any album. Just go, jump into it.” And that is the perfect introduction to this new and very different album.  
Unlike his other albums, such as Cherrybomb or Goblin, the new album showcases Tyler’s skills with electronic instruments, instead of relying on his rap. The album starts off with an ominous tone that leads into “IGOR’S THEME.” The song picks up and sets a strong tone for the entire album.
Notably missing from this album is Tyler’s signature repetition of three words at the beginning of a song like, “OK, OK, OK” at the beginning of Flower Boy’s song “See You Again.” However, there are repeated words and phrases throughout the album. “ARE WE STILL FRIENDS?” basically repeats the title phrase until leading into a small rap piece.
The song “GONE, GONE / THANK YOU” has high-pitched vocals that sound a lot like  “Glitter” on Tyler’s previous album — another part of his signature sound. Compared to the low tones of his normal voice, it seems like the vocals here are altered, or even like someone is singing over Tyler. He has not revealed (or will not reveal) if this is the case.
This is the first album where Tyler appears to be performing by himself with no featured artists. However, Tyler says some artists are hidden throughout the songs, such as Solange Piaget Knowles, Beyoncé’s sister.
There have been Twitter debates over who is or is not on the album, which is crucial for fans to know. For example, Frank Ocean is an outstanding singer and songwriter, but he has not come out with a new album since 2016. For waiting fans, if Ocean were featured somewhere quietly on this album, sales of IGOR would probably rocket even higher.
New with this album are unique beats and almost groove-like sounds in certain songs such as “I THINK” and “A BOY IS A GUN.” With this, Tyler’s song “I THINK” is the best song on the album, and “WHAT’S GOOD” comes in a close second place. “I THINK” is like sitting in the grass on a summer day, drinking lemonade. Meanwhile, “WHAT’S GOOD” is more of a dancey, screaming-in-the-car type of song.
All in all, Tyler, The Creator’s, new album is the perfect album to start summer — maybe the best summer album by Tyler since Flower Boy. The album is unique and upbeat, unlike Goblin. It has a groove that Tyler has never achieved before. The album intermixes 1980s synth and modern-day beats, and lays his amazing vocals over the top. For all this, IGOR rightfully deserves a 4/5.