Larson teaches importance of art


Kimberly Neri, Features Assistant

A new art teacher, Scout Larson, has joined the LHS staff after John Patterson’s retirement last year.

Larson is in her second year of teaching full-time. She taught U.S. history and world history at Moses Lake High School in Washington, and was a substitute teacher throughout Lewiston schools before that.

“LHS is a great place to be. Students and staff are friendly and courteous to one another anywhere you go on campus,” said Larson.

As an LHS alum, she also proclaimed her love for LHS: “Once a Bengal, always a Bengal!”

Larson looks forward moving to the new high school campus in 2020.

“I can’t wait to be part of the finished product,” she said.

Students who are taking, or will be taking Larson’s classes, should be prepared to challenge themselves and makes effort to try new and exciting things, she said.

“Art isn’t about having natural creative talent. It’s about taking risks and learning from mistakes,” she said.

“Taking an art class allows you to see problems and solutions from multiple perspectives and gives you the chance to experiment with new ideas and techniques. Plus it’s just fun!” she continued.