Student royalty crowned


The 2019 Homecoming Royalty sits atop a float made by LHS Leadership. Photo by Josie Hafer.

Kimberly Neri, Features Assistant

The Homecoming court was announced in a flurry of trucks and a float during the halftime of the football game on Friday the 6th. Seniors Joey Thomasson and Annella Tucker were crowned 2019 LHS Homecoming King and Queen. Logan Hunt and August Williams were crowned senior Homecoming princes and Hally Wells and Callie Bernatz were crowned senior Homecoming princesses. Duke McFarland was the junior homecoming prince, alongside Allison Jacks, who was the junior homecoming princess. Lastly, Elijah Sabo & Elle Wagner Uhling were hailed sophomore homecoming prince and princess.

When asked if he expected to be crowned Homecoming king, Thomasson said that he did not expect it at all and that he felt loved and cared about. “I don’t think anyone expects it!” Tucker said when asked about being crowned Homecoming queen, “There are lots of potential candidates.” She felt nervous when she was announced as queen. “I felt nervous to walk on the float in heels! My dress was long, so tripping was a big possibility,” said Tucker.

Thomasson and Tucker are extremely thankful for all the support from their peers. “Thank you for thinking of me,” said Tucker. “You will never know how much it truly meant to be thought of for homecoming king,” Thomasson adds.