Sernior Editors’ statement of correction

Abby Bower, Josie Hafer, Skylar Raymond, Senior Editors

On Thursday Oct. 31, The Bengal’s Purr published a story titled “Racism resurfaces at LHS following band incident.” In this story we stated that kids in band uniforms were observed chasing a minority student while yelling offensive slurs.
In recent weeks it has come to light upon certain developments that this statement was false. Our research has yet to prove any other aspects of the story to be incorrect.

In an interview with The Bengal’s Purr, LHS band director Brendan Burns confirmed that he received a report that at least one band student in uniform was seen giving a Nazi salute before the Battle of the Bridges game on Friday, Sept. 20.

“There’s no room for anything like that in the band or at LHS. It’s definitely part of a bigger problem,” Burns said.

The Bengal’s Purr works hard to only report truth in every issue. Unfortunately, sometimes things slip through the cracks. No one on The Bengal’s Purr staff takes this issue lightly, and we deeply regret that any unnecessary harm was caused. We are working hard to make sure that nothing like this happens in the future.