terrible fashion faux pas condemned to 2010s

Plaid Bermuda Shorts among fashion trends of the 2010s. Photo courtesy of Khols.com.

Plaid Bermuda Shorts among fashion trends of the 2010s. Photo courtesy of Khols.com.

Abby Bower, Co- Managing Editor

Throughout this decade the United States has gone through some crazy trends, from What Does the Fox say being on the hot 100 charts to killer clowns and eating tide pods, the 2010’s have been a wild ride. Our fashion choices are no exception, here are the ones that are most likely to shock future generations when they look through old pictures.

Mustaches: One morning, everyone woke up and decided that it would be a good idea to put pictures of men’s facial hair on everything they owned. Looking back, this is possibly the worst trend that has come and gone.

Low-Rise Jeans: Thankfully, as high-rise jeans come back into style, more and more people agree that low-rise jeans are not something that should ever be worn. They aren’t cute and they aren’t comfortable, and those are, like, the only two rules to follow when picking out clothes.

Fingerless Gloves: It’s definitely time to make Claire’s pay for letting us buy these. Either wear gloves or don’t. Punk rock guitarists and motorcyclists get a pass on this one, but there’s really no reason for an elementary/junior high-age girl to be walking around with fingerless gloves on.

High-heel tennis shoes: Not only are these atrocious, they’re the least functional thing on this list. Putting a heel on a tennis shoe defeats the purpose of both shoes! It’s half a heel, so it’s no good for running, and it’s half a tennis shoe, so no one can wear it to a fancy event!

Long-back skirts: Skirts are a power move, no one can deny that. But anyone who thinks it’s okay to wear one of these in 2019 needs to reevaluate. Adding a floor-length back to a perfectly good short skirt is shameful and everyone should be able to see this.

T-shirts with comic book-ish drawings on them: It feels like somebody wore one of these every day from 4th to 6th grade. They are poorly drawn, poorly designed, and the jokes aren’t even funny.

Any clothes with unnecessary fur: No one is saying that a cute jacket with a fur hood is a complete fashion mistake. But faux fur is definitely hit or miss. Some fur items from the early 2010s that belong on the miss list include sandals, phone cases, tank tops, and -+–shawls. (And the list goes on and on.)

Thin scarves: A scarf can make or break an outfit. Unfortunately, from 2005 to 2009 they did mostly the latter. Sure, everyone saw Ashley Tisdale kill it with her t-shirt and thin scarf look at every Disney Channel red carpet. Thankfully, looking back, almost everyone can agree that a thin scarf paired with a short-sleeve shirt is not cute.

Knee-high Converse: Converse are cute shoes, and just about everyone and their dog currently has or has had a pair of Converse at one point. But knee-high Converse? Not only are they not cute, but they take at least 5 minutes to put on because of all the shoelace holes. There is no reason anyone should need a written article to tell them not to wear these.

Plaid Bermuda shorts – Props to anyone who can say that they never wore a pair of these when they were growing up. These shorts practically scream, “I’m making a mistake!” But it’s a mistake that a lot of people made, so at least there’s some solidarity.