Top five worst albums released this decade


Eli Thomas, Co-Entertainment Editor

By Eli Thomas
Co-Entertainment Editor

While the last 10 years have delivered some of the most well-written and cutting-edge music of all time, they have also produced a fair share of throw-away garbage that is an embarrassment to the music industry as a whole. Here are the top five worst from the decade.

1. Kanye West, Jesus is King (2019): When Kanye is making gospel music about Chick-fil-a, you know he has lost it. ‘Ye’s first album as a born-again Christan (or someone just off his meds) is laughable to say the least. This is not because of the Christan theme itself, but because Kanye somehow still makes the album all about himself, backing it all with lifeless gospel- and soul-flavored instrumentals. It is hard to take his praise of Jesus seriously, considering some of his lyrics on albums like Yeezus and The Life of Pablo. It is hard to believe the same man who gave the world College Dropout made this.

2. Linkin Park, One More Light (2017): For anyone who wants to hear a disgustingly sanitized, overproduced album, look no further. One More Light is part pop disaster, part lifeless rock, part commercial nightmare. Every song sounds like a horrendous attempt for the band to land a radio hit that might bring them some relevance for the first time in 10 years.

3. Blink-182, California (2016): Blink-182 continues the attempts to update its sound from 20 years ago, just like any washed-up band would. And like with most washed-up bands, these attempts fall flat, creating some of the most headache-inducing rock music of the 2010s. The song “Los Angeles” might be the worst song about California ever, and that’s saying something. When will this band realize it is time to move on?

4. Chance the Rapper, The Big Day (2019): The Big Day sounds like an exciting title, but this makes it even more disappointing . It is essentially Chance telling the listener about his new wife and their amazing marriage over half-hearted beats. The song “Hot Shower,” for instance, is an atrocity to hip-hop alone, due to the awful lyrics and lack of musical substance.

XXXTENTACION,17 (2017): This guy has made the Purr’s Worst list two years running. Nobody played a bigger role in bringing emo-flavored hip-hop to the mainstream than the late X. This album solidified his position as one of the most influential rappers of the decade. But that is pretty terrible considering that this album is filled with pathetic songs with no real emotion at all. The song ideas are underwhelming, with some so short that they sound incomplete, like the songs themselves can’t even tell what they want to be. The song ideas are almost as terrible as the things he did to women.