Life Skills students deliver coffee to LHS staff


Two Life Skills students (left) help prepare coffee for a teacher as a part of the new coffee cart service. Photo by Kim Neri.

Kimberly Neri, Features Assistant

The students of the LHS Life Skills class are starting a daily coffee cart delivery service to the LHS staff. Organized by Robin Stone, a special education teacher, students take coffee, tea or hot chocolate drink orders from any LHS staff member. The program started in December.
The Life Skills students are doing this activity to raise money for their future cooking classes and class outings.
“It’s kind of a win-win for everybody,” Stone said. “Teachers can get coffee, and our students learn functional skills, work-type skills, and appropriate socialization.”
With their Bengal Beans order form, staff can specify what kind of beverage they want, and how much of additional cream or sugar they prefer. They can order beverages as much as five days a week or once in a while with a call or email to Stone. To start, the students will deliver drinks between 8:30 and 10 a.m.
In addition to the order form, staff members will have a coffee punch card that the students would keep track of. The cards cost $10 for 10 punches, or 10 beverages.
Currently, only teachers have been invited to purchase drinks because of the limited number of students participating. There are two students each for making the coffee, deliveries, collecting mugs and washing dishes.