LHS students feed the LC-Valley

Elsa Munster, News Assistant

Every year, Lewiston High School has a food drive. This means that students get to bring in non-perishable food items to help families in the LC Valley in need during the holiday season. To get more students participating, the school creates competition between the teachers, and whoever gets the most food wins. Another way was to get the Principal, Kevin Driskill, to kiss a Pygmy goat if a certain weight was reached by the end.

Billy Autrey has been the main person to put on this drive. β€œIn the past my role was the organizer of the food drive, however, this year ASB took over most of the organizing.” The ASB did tasks such as contacting the Idaho Food Bank, coordinating drop offs, picking up food from the classrooms, organizing advertisement signs and getting a Pygmy goat to bring in.

At the end of the drive, over 3000 pounds of food was gathered, which was enough to get Driskill to kiss the goat. Shannon Van Buren was the teacher who gathered the most food, followed by Autrey.

Autrey would always love to see more people participate in the food drive, β€œI would love to see more people participating. We proved this year that we still have plenty of room to grow and that with even more participation and organization maybe next year we can get 4000 lbs!”